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We take care of transferring your data in the most secured way to avoid interceptions from deceitful parties.

All data transits through a secure datacenter which fulfills the requirements of Banking Commission.

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Invite all of your collaborators and manage their rights easily.
You can easily customize Lockr’s design represent your brand in the best way.

Make a professional impression

Treat your customers with a beautiful download interface, tailored with your brand.

Set up your team's settings

Configure security settings for your team with options such as two-factor authentication and different levels of password security.

Send files in a secure way

To increase the safety of transfers, our offer includes options to increase security such as password protections, limited countries, expiration dates and strong random passwords.

Track your transfers

You can track all your transfers and get receipt confirmations as well as identifications of all recipients.

Manage your contacts

We offer an efficient contact management system that allows you to easily send files and messages to individuals and groups.

Increase your productivity

Our system allows you to send multiple transfers simultaneously so you no longer have to wait between transfers.

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